Directo a Mexico is a service for sending money from a bank account in the United States to any bank account in Mexico.

In 2001, the Bank of Mexico and the U.S. Federal Reserve agreed to study the possibility of linking both countries’ payments systems as a response to the Partnership for Prosperity Action Plan between Mexico and the United States. This connection would create an efficient interbank mechanism to process payments between both countries that would be available to all financial institutions in each.

In October 2003, the Federal Reserve System Banks and the Bank of Mexico established payment systems in both countries as a way to send government pension payments to recipients in Mexico.

As of February 2, 2004, payments can be sent from any enrolled U.S. financial institution to any individual with a bank account in Mexico.

Since July 2005, this payment service has been registered with the name Directo a Mexico.

Users in the U.S. can also send payments to any branch of L@ Red de la Gente to beneficiaries in Mexico. L@ Red de la Gente has more than 2,200 branches located in more than 930 municipalities throughout Mexico.