When does the money arrive in Mexico?
The funds are available after 14:00 Central Time on the banking day after your bank sends the money.

I want to send money through Directo a Mexico. Is it necessary to have a bank account?
Yes. The sender must have a bank account at one of the participant financial institutions in the United States. There are many benefits when you have a bank account in addition to using Directo a Mexico.
Having a bank account is the best way for you and your family to build a credit history, and to gain access to other financial services, such as a credit card or a bank loan.

Does the beneficiary in Mexico need to have a bank account?
Yes. The beneficiary in Mexico receives the funds in his or her bank account and can withdraw them using his or her debit card. We recommend making the cash withdrawals at an ATM belonging to the bank where the beneficiary has an account, because withdrawals will be at a lower or no cost.

Consult different account types here.

Will I lose the money in my bank account if I return to Mexico?
No. You can access funds in your account anywhere in the world using your debit card at an ATM or point of sales.

Will I still get a great exchange rate if I only send a small amount of money?
Yes. Every transfer always receives the best exchange rate in the market regardless of the amount.

What is the CLABE?
This is the Clave Bancaria Estandarizada (in Spanish), or the Standardized Bank Key, a unique identifier — 18 digits in length — assigned to each bank account in Mexico. The CLABE guarantees that transferred funds are only posted to the account given by the client.

What is L@Red de la Gente?
This is a joint venture between the Bank for National Savings and Financial Services (BANSEFI) and 189 Savings and Loan Associations, which together form the largest financial network in Mexico, with more than 2,200 branches and a presence in more than 930 municipalities throughout Mexico. With all Associations of L@ Red de la Gente, your money transfers through Directo a Mexico are easy, fast and secure. For more information please visit