¡Use Directo a Mexico is very easy!
    1. Go to the branch in the United States of a financial institution enrolled with Directo a México.
    2. Request the service Directo a México from an account executive, provide him with the requested information, and if you agree with the terms, pay the service fee. The information you need to provide for deposit in a banking accountis:
      • The name of the beneficiary in Mexico
      • The dollar amount you want to send
      • The beneficiary’s debit card number (16 digits), his or her CLABE account number (18 digits) or mobile phone number (10 digits). The beneficiary’s account must be in pesos.
      • The name of the bank in Mexico where the beneficiary has his or her account
    3. Inform your beneficiary that the payment was sent vía Directo a México
The service takes one banking day. The deposit bank account is identified with the text DIRECT TO MEXICO and includes the exchange rate.