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Institutions in the U.S.

Directo a México is a service used to transfer money from a participating financial institution account in the U.S. to an account at any bank in Mexico.

This service is ideal for periodic payments that can be scheduled. Potential users are:

  • U.S. financial institutions that already process direct deposits and send payments to Mexico
  • Consumers and businesses in the United States that need to send payments to Mexico through a low-cost, fast, and secure channel
  • U.S. financial institutions looking to expand their customer base to include individuals who have moved from Mexico to their community
  • Those processing government, loan, pension, life insurance and other payments

Main advantages and benefits

  • Financial services expansion: You gain the opportunity to offer financial services to the growing Mexican-American community in the U.S. You participate in the burgeoning market for sending money from the U.S. to Mexico.
  • Competitive conditions services: Directo a México does not impose a maximum for the amount that can be sent; the financial institution originating the payment sets the limit. In addition, the charge for the payment order to financial institutions in the U.S. is $0.67 USD.
  • No investment: Directo a México uses existing infrastructure, so it does not require investment (Fed Global).
  • Access to the Mexican banking system: Directo a México operates through SPEI (the Electronic Interbank Payment System), the backbone of Mexican payment systems. Through the use of this system, you gain direct access to over 100 million bank accounts in Mexico.

Offering Directo a México

How does it work?
Become familiar with the details of how Directo a México works
(How it works DM)

How to start?
Learn how to enroll in Directo a México
“Guide to a Successful FedACH International® Launch”

Technical Specifications
Become familiar with the technical specifications to be a participant in Directo a México
“Fed Global ACH Payments Service Origination Manual”

Take advantage of material to promote Directo a México.
  • Brochures (in Spanish and English)
  • Tent Cards
  • Pósters
  • Promotional video